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Denby Transport has always tried to find a better way of doing things for their customers through innovation.

In the early 90s when the UK weight limits were 38 Tonnes Denby Transport used the existing UK regulations to apply for a section 21 permit and based one tractor unit in Middlesbrough and one unit in Immingham. Using this we were able to load the trailers to the maximum weight permissible in these areas. This enabled us to load an extra 2 Tonnes for France and an extra 4 Tonnes for Belgium. This helped our customers deliver to their customers in the most efficient way.

By fixing a second deck into our tautliners we enabled one of our main customers to ship an extra 60% product in their loads thus saving cost and trip times.

In the early 90s we worked with one of our French customers to develop a system of loading and unloading in France by equipping our flat trailers with ramps. In order to do this we had to modify the back end of the trailers to enable them to carry the ramps. This benefitted our customer by enabling us to deliver to places which did not have ramps. Today they are one of our most sought after trailers.


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