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  • Ecolink Trailer

    Ecolink Trailer

  • Denby's eco trailer - the Ecolink

    Denby's eco trailer - the Ecolink

20 years of lobbying the government is about to pay off and trials of the Denby Eco-Link B-Double are right around the corner.

What is the Denby Eco-Link:

  • It is an 8 axle B-Double truck, in which a tractor unit pulls two semi-trailers using fifth wheel couplings on both trailers  
  • Capacity fully laden is 60 tonnes 
  • Overall length is 25.25m

Benefits of the Eco-Link:

  • Reduced axle loads with an average of 7.5 tonnes per axle, reducing the potential for road damage.
  • Two Eco-Link road trains would replace three 16.5m long artics, it would yield a reduction in overall fuel consumption, cutting costs as well as CO₂ and other emissions in the process.
  • The Eco-Link could carry around 12 to 14 more standard pallets than is possible with a 13.6m tri-axle trailer.
  • Our Eco-Link needs no highway investment - today's roads are fine.

The Denby Eco-Link, dubbed the ‘super lorry’ by the mainstream media was designed and built by Denby Transport.

If you are interested in the trial, please get in touch by email:

For more information on the Denby Ecolink trailer, please watch the video below.

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