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LHV helps UK industry to compete in this ever challenging environment.

Guy Fawkes day 2012 was the date chosen for the first eve rlive load from UK to Holland using the Denby LHV 25.25 metres long. The day dawned bright as the customer was collected by car from Newark station to come and see the live loading.

Two tractor units were used to take the vehicle from Lincoln to load on the Humber bank in accordance with the current UK law. The loading went well and caused some interest from the other truckers also loading on site. The loading went off without a hitch. Jake Zuckerman of BBC Look North filmed both trucks leaving the factory gates en route to Killingholme docks.

After a good morning loading we all adjourned for lunch at the cafe of Barnetby top where a good lunch was had by all. As the sunlight faded Jake interviewed Dick Denby on the objectives of the day.

The truck arrived at Killingholme dock were it was finally able to couple up as a single unit. The driver skillfully reversed the unit onto the Coblefreight vessel with consumate ease. The vessel set sail at 1900 hours.

The following morning after a good nights sleep the vehicle disembarked into the Dutch sunshine and made its way to deliver at Ramsdonkveer. It mingled en route with the cars and trucks and was totally at home. The Dutch are used to seeing these long vehicles on their roads everyday.

Upon arrival at the Dutch factory the vehicle was unloaded. Job done.

Between Guy Fawkes day and Obama being elected for a second term Denby Transport too had made a piece of history.

Hope you enjoy a selection of pictures attached. You can see more about it on our Twitter page: @denbytransport.


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