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20 years of lobbying is about to pay off and trials of the Denby Eco-Link B-Double are imminent. DfT is planning a major trial of around 3,000 25m artics on Britain’s roads this year and have given Denby Transport Ltd permission to use its Eco-Link B-Double truck as a demonstrator.

There are huge benefits for use of the Eco-Link B-Double, including significant productivity per pallet moved and reduction in operating costs. This will result in two Eco-Link B-Double trucks doing the same work as three standard 16.5m articulated vehicles. Another benefit is lower fuel consumption per pallet moved, meaning emissions are also significantly reduced.

The move follows a recent survey of hauliers who expressed a desire for the 25.25m 60-tonne B-double road trains. The survey revealed overwhelmingly positive feedback, with 80% of respondents stating their intention to adopt the vehicle.

Once discussions regarding parameters of the section 44 licence are complete, hopefully you will see the Denby Eco-Link B-Double on the road very soon.


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