Denby Transport Ltd, 73 Sadler Road, Doddington Road, Lincoln LN6 3JR

Who is the course for?

Banksman training is designed to ensure that companies meet their legal obligations and minimise the risk of costly accidents or potential fatalities when manoeuvering and reversing vehicles in their premises.

Reversing vehicles account for almost a quarter of all fatal vehicle-related accidents at work. These vehicles, usually reversing at low speed, can cause damage to vehicles, property and equipment. Taking simple safety precautions can prevent these accidents.

Course Outline

This is a theoretical and practical course of structured tuition to RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) standards.

Course Content

  • Health and safety legislation
  • Safety awareness of potential hazards and risks
  • Site conditions
  • Safety procedures
  • Signalling and reversing techniques

Course Objectives

To provide the reversing banksman with the required skills to perform their duties safely and efficiently.


The course lasts for one day, and candidates will receive an RTITB certificate following successful completion of the course.

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