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  • Abnormal load - Swimming pool

    Abnormal load - Swimming pool

  • Image courtesy of Tom Evans

    Image courtesy of Tom Evans

  • Abnormal loads - quarry machinery

    Abnormal loads - quarry machinery

  • Abnormal loads in France

    Abnormal loads in France

  • Abnormal loads services

    Abnormal loads services

  • Abnormal load - tubing

    Abnormal load - tubing

Denby Transport provide a professional, timely and reliable service for European movements of Abnormal loads and Wide loads. Equally we can move abnormal loads within the UK. We are permit holders for wide loads in France and Belgium.

What is Denby Transport’s abnormal load service?

Denby Transport are able to move all manner of abnormal loads and wide loads. We are experienced in the movement of specialist loads within the UK and across Europe. 

We have a commitment to providing exceptional service to ensure safe and reliable transportation. 

Many abnormal loads will fit on our low loader trailers or ramped flats/flatbed trailers, depending on the nature of the move.

We are adept at moving all manner of wide loads and have some specialist trailers to enable us to do this, plus support vehicles as required by many states in the EU. 

We have permanent licensing for abnormal load transport in Belgium and France for the majority of categories - which means your important load won't be delayed waiting on a supplier's paperwork. 

We use an online route planning service, notifying the relevant authorities.

Escort vehicles are used when required and are in constant communication with the driver of the load throughout the journey.

What is an abnormal load / wide load according to the Department for Transport?

An abnormal load is widely seen as a load that cannot fit in a curtain sided trailer. This could be due to the width of the abnormal load, the height of the load or the weight of the load.

Officially an abnormal load (or wide load) is over a width of 2.5 metres, over 4 metres in height or over the weight limit for the particular country it needs to travel through (for example 44 tonnes in the UK or 40 tonnes in France).

Examples of abnormal loads include tractors, turbines and motorhomes (for specific information on tractor transport click here). Further load examples are shown above in the selected images - including the transportation of fertiliser tanks, gas turbines, motorhomes, cherry pickers and modular buildings.

Does the abnormal load / wide load need installing or removing from its situation?

Headed by George Elliott our Special Project division offer an onsite service using specialist equipment and can discuss your requirements which need our specialist skills.  We are able to offer safe dismantling and transportation of such objects using our fleet of HIAB vehicles

To discuss our abnormal loads services give us a call or email us .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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