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Flatbed TrailersStep Frame Extendable Flats

  • Features: Detachable ramps to enable the loading and unloading of wheeled machines and vehicles.
  • Benefits: These enable us to deliver direct to the customer's premises even if they do not have a loading ramp.

Tautliner trailer

A multi-purpose trailer designed for the carriage of pallets or machinery.  Customers sending sensitive prototype machines to a test track. Customers wanting machinery delivered direct to their customer in “show room” condition favour their use.

  • Features: Sliding roof.
  • Benefits:  Enables the slick loading of high pieces of equipment. These can be loaded from either the rear, the side or even by overhead crane.

Low Loader trailer, Wafer Deck

With our agile and specialised low loader trailers we can move vessels of all types.  For example we can move large construction equipment, large gas turbines, railway parts and power infrastructure. Although we are more than capable of moving any mighty goliath like beast!

  • Features: Length wise we can extend the trailers to 16-20 metres long.
  • Benefits: With permission from the Department of Transport, we can move loads as wide as 5 metres wide and 4.5 metres in height

Double Deck Trailers

These are suitable for the carriage of goods which do not readily double stack. They enable the customer to achieve maximum cost benefit per unit item shipped.

HIAB Lorry

These highly versatile pieces of equipment enable us to provide crane lorry hire to our customers.  The capabilities married with the extensive experience of our drivers allow us to provide safe and professional specialist transport services.

  • Features: The Hiab Lorries are top of the range FASSI
  • Benefits:  This enables us to manoeuvre heavy and awkward objects into tight or restricted spaces.

Rigid Vehicles

These vehicles are ideal for small deliveries in areas where access is limited.

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